Dr.Cupping Massager



Meet Dr. Cupping - The ultimate 3-in-1 health device

Forget the pain and get relief with the ultimate Massage, Scrapping and Cupping Machine. 

Dr. Cupping™ is an amazing device which can be used to increase the immune system function, fight colds and reduce chronic pains. The three modes it provides (srapping, cupping and massaging) will target every need of your body for an overall health!



With the cupping massager your body will feel like never before. Muscles will be relaxed, pains will be relieved and body will maintain its health status.

The ergonomic design offers you three different options to choose from, according to your body's needs. Select and ajust the appropriate intensity and temperature as well as the function you need. The temperature offer six heats, freely to adjust.

Its intensity is designed in a way that won't hurt the skin. The smooth curvature of the grip perfectly fits the palm so that you can master it with one hand, and the operation of both hands is quite simple. 

The device is against:

  • Chronic Pains
  • Muscle Stifness
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Lymphatic disfunction


More Features:

  • Adjustable and easy to use

  • Negative pressure gravitation. Increases lymphatic drainage for detoxification, promotes blood circulation, creates aerobic exercise for skin and adipose tissue to reduce body fat, and dispel wet and cold.

  • Magnetic wave physiotherapy. Effectively eliminates fatigue, improves vanish of the inflammation and decreases swelling and pain etc.

  • Heat effect. This can increase collagen protein, relax nerves and release pressure.

  • It both makes scraping massage to the back and also can function as body massager.



With just 15 minutes use a day, you will see great long-term effects such as relief of pains, skin flexibility, increase in blood circulation, relaxation of muscles.

Wear it just for 15 minutes and see increadible and lasting results after daily usage.

How does it work:

The electric massager's functions can activate the continuous heat of the skin, relax the muscles of the body and accelerate the internal circulation through the heat effect. Energy penetrates the muscles, relieves pain, and promotes relaxation and health.

It is suitable for back, abdomen, shoulders, legs and other body parts, and suitable for those who lack exercise for a long time, poor physical condition, long-term mental stress, physical dysfunction.



Before using the device, it is necessary to put filter cotton into filter plug, then put the filter plug into the hole to effectively prevent essential oil from entering device. You should replace filter cotton after each use. The filter cotton is reusable after clean and dry out.

Please shut off the heating function when you are cupping, which can protect skin from scalding. It is recommend that you should evenly smear essential oil on your back to avoid skin pain.

It is suggested don’t use the device after eating. During pregnancy and menstrual period, you shouldn’t use it.

If there are varicose veins phenomenon in the body, please don’t use this unit.

This device should be used in the same direction, don’t use it up and down, right and left.  Have a rest for 30~45 minutes after using then you can take a bath.


Who is it for:

If you belong in those who lack exercise for a long time, have poor physical condition, long-term mental stress, physical dysfunctio, then this device is suitable for you!

The scavenger is compact and portable, and can be used anywhere, such as the bedroom, living room, and even enjoy professional physiotherapy whenever you travel.


Material: ABS
Input voltage: 220V
Input frequency: 50/ 60Hz
Working current: 12V
Power: 20W
Applicable body part: Whole body
Size: 12*9.5cm(L*W)
Color: Rose golden/ Golden

Package content:
1 x Scraping massage tool
1 x Power adapter
1 x Ruler
1 x Tweezers
1 bag x filter cotton







1)Smear essence oil after cleansing skin.
2)Press the ON/ OFF button (in the middle) to turn on the device.
3)Users can adjust “heat”(the left button) and “negative pressure and attraction”(the right button) by pressing the exact button.
4)After pressing “heat” button, shift up for higher temperature.
5)There are gears of “attraction” for selection, shift up for stronger attraction.
6)After finishing guasha massage, press the ON/OFF and unplug the power cord.
7)Clean the device, and place it in somewhere safe.

1)Charging:The blue light flickers while charging, the blue light always lights when fully charged, by then the device can be used.
2)The corded type can only be used while connecting to the mains.
3)The default working time of the device is 30 minutes, it auto pauses after 30mins, this is effective to extend the durability.

Massage manipulation:
1)Neck: massage top-down. Frequent massage of neck is helpful for preventing illness.
2)Back: massage top-down for dredging.
3)Upper limbs: massage top-down for dredging.
4)Lower limbs: massage top-down for dredging.
5)Foot sole: massage from the heel for toes.
6)Abdomen: massage top-down for dredging, or in circular motions.
7)Leg: massage top-down for dredging. Beneficial for molding leg shape, eliminating edema, and moisturizing leg skin.