Bamboo Cutting Board with Storage Containers


Bamboo Cutting Board

Non-Slip Chopping Board for Kitchen with 5 storage containers: extensible & multifunctional 


Product description


1. Sustainable renewable resource: Bamboo has natural gas odor and water-proof properties, which make the cutting surface clean, safe and sanitary. Bamboo boards are not prone to breed bacteria and protect the health of the family.


2. Large bamboo cutting boards: functional storage trays provide a set of smooth and clean workflow. With a large opening on the side of the cutting board, you can simply cut the chopped fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. into a retractable container. Plastic containers are durable, portable and easy to use.


3. Humanized design, with a bracket: you can put your mobile phone on it, watch video, listen to music or even live broadcast. The containers are enough to retain chopped fruits vegetables or meat.


4. Innovation: with design patent to meet every cooking expectation, you have never seen a cutting board like this which will bring you more happiness during cooking. Built to cut meat, chop veggies, prep dishes, storage, etc.


5. It can be used as cutting, carving board for preparation before cooking, heavy-duty butcher block for chopping, cheese or serving board for charcuterie platter.



Tips for taking care of your bamboo chopping board:


1 > Wash with warm water and soap and dry in the ventilation area. Towels or air-dried.

2 > Do not soak your cutting board for a long time.

3 > Proper care will ensure long service life of your bamboo cutting board.



Product Name: Multifunctional Cutting Board

Vegetable board size: 17*11*0.7 inch

Small box size: 6.9*2.4*4.2 inch

Large storage box size: 6.9*2.5*6.3 inch

Packing Size: 17.3*12.2*4.7 inch