MagicMirror™ Make Up Mirror with LEDs and fan

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Meet the MagicMirror™ 

Tired of the cakey effect while applying your makeup?

Get the most amazing makeup tool!


Enjoy your makeup without any more sweating!  

Every woman loves to have her makeup done flawlessly but very often, weather conditions, temperature degrees or even human body's temperature have opposite plans.

Every woman has faced at least once in her lifetime the struggle of sweating while doing her makeup which prevents you from applying well the foundation, concealer, highlighter and lot more. We have discovered the solution to this irritating problem and we present to you the MagicMirror™ !


Enjoy cooling breeze
The 2-speed integrated fan air circulator provides a low, soft and gentle breeze to keep you cool and allow makeup and treatments to set well and flawlessly.

Perfect for summer months when every woman struggles with the sweat that makes foundation cakey and prevents smooth texture.

Enjoy professional light
LED cosmetic mirrors provide bright natural daylight. LED makeup mirror can brighten your beauty whenever you need it, so do not worry about insufficient light. Just press with your finger the on/off button screen to enable it.

Enjoy high quality mirror glass
A high definition mirror glass, perfect for true viewing and makeup application. The magnifying side can focus on your detailed facial 
features even your tiniest pore, help you to achieve flawless makeup: 
plucking eyebrow or applying mascara, beard shave, acne blackhead removal and etc.

Ergonomic Design
Portable, convenient and easy to use, it is ideal for makeup routine or the more professional one. Not only you can enjoy professional light but also combine the cooling breeze you need for your the sucessful makeup outcome. 

This mirror enable you to have a perfect makeup without sweating, having bad light and illustration. Perfectly designed to give an effective, enjoyable & nice feeling while applying your makeup.

What makes MagicMirror™ worth the purchase?
Every woman wants her make up to look flawless, and set up really smoothly and nice. However, very often weather condition and even bad lighting have different plans. MagicMirror™ is here to solve these issues and offer you the makeup experience you always wanted. 

Professional makeup at home with the aim prevent unecessary sweat and bad lighting condition. Whether its is morning, night or whatever time of the day, now you can enjoy application of make up with comfort, cooling breeze and professional tool. 
This is the makeup tool that every woman, individual or professional should own! 


  • High quality mirror glass
  • 360° rotation
  • Cooling breeze provider
  • Bright LED lighting

1.High brightness LED beads for soft and uniform illumination to fill in the light, no dazzling and no hurt your eyes, practical to use both during the day or night, even in the dim or dark environment.

2.Built-in fan with adjustable wind strength helps you keep cool while applying makeup, no extra cooling fan needed, two in one for multipurpose application enjoyment.

3.Flexible 180 degree rotation mirror, free to adjust the angles for better viewing experience to spot your facial details with user friendly operation.

4.Equipped with an extra small 10x magnification mirror to effortlessly spot the details of your face with high precision for delicate makeup results, dual suction cups can securely fix it on the main mirror.

5.Detachable design to effortlessly save your space, you can easily put it in your bag or backpack, convenient to carry and store for both home and travel use.

6.Storage tray can be used to hold some cosmetics or gadgets like lipsticks, jewelries, rings, earrings, hairpins & etc.

7.Eco-friendly ABS shell and smooth mirror can deliver clear and precision imaging without deformation, practical to meet your daily makeup and self-grooming demands.

Material: PP+PC+ABS Color: White(As Picture Shown) Mirror Magnification: 5X, 10X Mirror Diameter: 16.5cm/6.49in Rotation Range: 0°~180° Power Supply: Plug-in Size: As Picture Shown

Package Includes:
1* LED Makeup Mirror 1* 10x Magnifying Mirror 1* Tray Holder Base 1* USB Cable 2* Suction Cups